The Company

Tibor are a Huddersfield-based creative weaving company with a long heritage in the luxury interior fabrics market. Since their launch in 1945, Tibor have pioneered deep textured luxury fabrics and novel colour combinations, working with the finest British manufactures.  

Tibor use high-quality materials and processes to interpret heritage weaving techniques on Jacquard and Dobby looms, supporting the development of local skills and a sustainable UK textiles supply chain. 

R&D Focus 

Through the BFTT-funded project, Tibor has set up a new mill and design studio in Huddersfield, capable of in-house sustainable textile development and production. Specialist knowledge exchange has supported continued research and development into local fibre and yarn sourcing, with the ambition of bringing traceable textiles to market.  


Hannah Auberbach George

Hannah Auerbach George

R&D Project Lead


Since completing her masters in Woven Textile Design at the RCA, Hannah’s career within Textiles has spanned industrial production, historical textiles, design, consultancy, research and education. She co-founded a woven R&D studio, Norn Design, developing bespoke fabrics with clients in London, New York and Italy. Following her passion for sustainable design and traditional crafts, Hannah spent an extended period in Japan where she worked as a consultant and woven designer. She has extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and sustainable schools of thought. Hannah applies her diverse experience to every project she undertakes resulting in a distinctive approach routed in technique and process. Core competencies include:

  • Research, innovation, design and production – Sustainable woven textiles
  • Sustainable approaches to design including Biomimicry, Circular Economics and Regenerative Design.
  • Problem solving and tactile knowledge exchange
black and white portrait of Sam Reich

Sam Reich

R&D Company Lead

Tibor Ltd

Black and white portrait of Philippa Brock

Philippa Brock

R&D Academic Mentor


Philippa has an interdisciplinary practice developed over twenty five years as an academic, researcher, international designer, editor, curator, strategist and artist within the field of digital woven textiles and materials. Philippa’s primary research interests lie in developing disruptive approaches to 2D and 3D digital industrial manufacturing, woven jacquard loom methods, in collaboration with industry-leading to novel design solutions. She also manages the Woven Textile Pathway at CSM, is part of the Textile Futures Research Community and exhibits jacquard woven art works globally. Additionally, Philippa edits The Weave Shed, an open source online resource site, and blog for professional weavers and is Co-founder of Studio Houndstooth; a collaborative studio creating socially innovated projects that use methods of textile making to bring together industry and the local community. Core skills and competencies include:

  • Design innovation, Education, and Research Leadership – sustainable digital woven textiles and materials.
  • Academic and industry knowledge exchange  innovation
  • Project management