In July 2021 BFTT published the first report, Business of Fashion, Textiles & Technology: Mapping the UK Fashion, Textiles and Technology Ecosystem, please download as follows:

This initial report aims to identify opportunities for investment, research and development, business growth, job creation and tackle skills gaps in the UK fashion, textiles and technology (FTT) ecosystem.

It is based on a survey consultation that engaged over 2,400 small, medium and micro businesses (SMEs) and over 100 stakeholders and intermediaries, including industry specialists, trade bodies and workspace providers. It is one of the most extensive baseline studies to date on fashion, textiles and technology SMEs and the first comprehensive insight into the UK FTT ecosystem leading up to March 2020, pre-Covid-19.

This survey has been instrumental in gaining an in-depth understanding of the polycentric nature of the sector and its geographical spread. This should strongly influence both how the sector is viewed as an economic resource of national importance and the future allocation of the R&D it needs to access in order to thrive — this research also provides initial insights for progress post-Covid.

Fashion is estimated to contribute £35 billion to the British economy every year, while £74 billion+ is spent by UK consumers on wider apparel, clothing accessories, household textiles and carpets, accounting for 890,000 people employed across the UK, and £9 billion of export.

The authors of the report are:

  • Professor Jane Harris, Director of the Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology (BFTT) Creative R&D Partnership led by the University of the Arts London (UAL), and Professor of Digital Design and Innovation
  • Dr Lipi Begum, BFTT Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UAL, and Senior Lecturer in Fashion Management
  • Dr Alessandra Vecchi, BFTT Co-Investigator, UAL, and Reader in International Fashion Business Research

We hope that this first report will provide useful insight on the UK FTT sector and will have a positive impact on your own research, practice or business.

For any enquiries, please get in touch with us.