• Two new fashion institutes highlight power of creative clusters, Creative Nation, 17 November 2021, link
  • Funding grant will ‘breathe new life’ into Irish firm’s use of historic linen manufacturing process, The Irish Post, 27 October 2021, link
  • Managing transition in the UK fashion sector, Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre, 26 October 2021, link
  • Moving away from metal-based chemicals, Innovation in Textiles, 8 October 2021, link
  • Beetling back to relevance in 2021, Innovation in Textiles, 7 October 2021, link
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  • AWAYTOMARS: AI-driven fashion design, Creative Industries Clusters, 17 February 2021, link
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  • Blackhorse Lane Ateliers to develop London first Wash LabUKFT, 10 August 2020, link
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  • Blackhorse Lane Ateliers Receives Funding for London’s First Denim Wash Lab, Sourcing Journal, 19 May 2020, link
  • BFTT awards £1.2 mn to 10 of UK’s most sustainable brands, Fibre2Fashion, 19 May 2020, link

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