Dash & Miller + Jessica Garvey Birch

The Company

Dash & Miller is an international woven textile studio, working across the textiles industry’s trend, design, and manufacturing sectors. They produce made to order fabric using recycled and responsibly sourced yarns.

Jessica Garvey Birch is a Digital 3D Design and Development Consultant.

R&D Focus:

The Virtual Mill will develop a circular woven fabric from the fibre-up to test, refine, and showcase online. This fabric will be presented to the market as a customizable woven textile via the virtual platform – a single digital sample that can be collaborated online to minimize waste.

We intend to create a platform to meet the clients’ needs within a digital space without losing the tangible quality of their design whilst streamlining the process of designing sustainably.

The project will launch in autumn 2021.

  • UAL: University of the Arts London
  • Central Saint Martins, UAL
  • Textiles Futures Research Community, UAL


black and white portrait of Stephanie Rolph

Stephanie Rolph

R&D Project Lead


Innovation has always played a central role in Stephanie’s work. As an award-winning graduate of CSM and the RCA (2015) Stephanie has consistently brought originality and developed innovative approaches to her research and commercial career. An involvement within the textile sector that spans diverse industries as Fashion, Couture, Interiors, Automotive and R&D. This has led to collaborations with clients in New York, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia Japan and the UK. Alongside this professional career that focus’ on Design Driven material innovation Stephanie also works as a visiting lecturer at Central Saint Martins (CSM). Her current role as Project Lead for Doppelhaus brings together her commercial design expertise, with innovative non-woven manufacturing technology.


Juliet Bailey

R&D Company Lead

Dash & Miller

Juliet’s specialism lies in the design and development of sustainable and innovative woven textiles, through a combination of hand-crafted processes and CAD. As Co-Director and founder of Dash and Miller woven textile design studio and The Bristol Weaving Mill woven prototyping and manufacturing facility. Juliet has a deep understanding of brand identity and works from the fibre up to create original and viable designs and woven products. With over 16 years of industry experience working within the textile supply chain, Juliet is passionate about utilising design as a solution to move towards a more sustainable future for the textile industry.


Franki Brewer

R&D Company Lead

Dash & Miller

Franki Brewer is co-founder and director of woven textile studio Dash & Miller and its sister company The Bristol Weaving Mill. Her career in textiles spans 14 years of design, materials development, and woven fabric production. The process of hand-weaving underpins all her work, informing her passionate understanding of the geometry of woven structure. She applies this mindset at Dash & Miller, which uses a combination of hand-looms and digital tools in designing and consulting for high-street and high-end fashion and lifestyle brands, residential and commercial interior companies, international fabric mills, and footwear and automotive R&D teams.


Jessica Garvey Birch

R&D Company Lead

J G Birch

Jessica specialises in Digital Design and Production for Fashion and Textiles. After graduating in Woven Textile Design, she spent a formative decade designing and developing textiles for Global OEMs and Fashion brands in India and China. Jessica cultivated a deep understanding of manual and digital production processes and this accumulated in co-founding a digital prototyping suite for digital transformation. Now back in London, She continues to support Fashion Brands to join the dots to enable digitally connected and sustainable production processes.
Black and white portrait of Philippa Brock

Philippa Brock

R&D Academic Mentor


Philippa has an interdisciplinary practice developed over twenty five years as an academic, researcher, international designer, editor, curator, strategist and artist within the field of digital woven textiles and materials. Philippa’s primary research interests lie in developing disruptive approaches to 2D and 3D digital industrial manufacturing, woven jacquard loom methods, in collaboration with industry-leading to novel design solutions. She also manages the Woven Textile Pathway at CSM, is part of the Textile Futures Research Community and exhibits jacquard woven art works globally. Additionally, Philippa edits The Weave Shed, an open source online resource site, and blog for professional weavers and is Co-founder of Studio Houndstooth; a collaborative studio creating socially innovated projects that use methods of textile making to bring together industry and the local community.

Core skills and competencies include:

  • Design innovation, Education, and Research Leadership – sustainable digital woven textiles and materials.
  • Academic and industry knowledge exchange  innovation
  • Project management