Keracol + Bulmer & Lumb

The Company

Keracol develops technologies for the extraction and refining of natural products, most notably colourants. They use the active ingredients extracted from residual fruit skins and vegetable peel from the juicing industry and turn them into functional products.

Bulmer & Lumb Group produce a wide product range from raw wool top, top dyed wool, package dyed yarn and synthetic fibres.

R&D Focus:

This project aims to develop and validate the commercial feasibility of an innovative process for dyeing wool yarn by using natural colourants, which are active ingredients extracted from residual fruit skins and vegetable peel leftover from the juicing industry.

This will help bring to market a genuinely sustainable range of “naturally-dyed” products not yet available to the general market.

The project has launched in autumn 2021.

  • UAL: University of the Arts London
  • Fashion, Textiles and Technology Institute, UAL


Debbie Bamford

R&D Project Lead


Following almost 30 years of research, experimentation and practical experience Debbie has been awarded Associate of the Society of Dyers and Colourists for her Natural Dye work and is recognised across Europe for her depth of knowledge. She established her brand The Mulberry Dyer in the mid-1990s, received a “Green Achiever” award for her practices and is keen to maintain and encourage bioregional regenerative textile systems. Examples of work can be seen in the V & A Museum, Hampton Court Palace, the Globe Theatre and other prestigious heritage venues. As a consultant to Industry, she has spearheaded research into natural dye application for carpets and high-end knitwear. Currently, a Post Graduate Researcher studying the environmental impacts of natural dyes and mordants including the relation to the fastness of colours.

Black and white portrait of Meryem Benohoud

Dr Meryem Benohoud

R&D Company Lead


Dr Meryem Benohoud is the Technical Director of Keracol Ltd. With a background in organic chemistry, she gained further research experience in the areas of natural products, green and sustainable chemistry during her research projects in Finland (University of Jyvaskyla) and Japan (Tokyo University of Science).  Meryem leads a small team of scientists with a focus on the valorisation of food waste, with a particular interest in natural colourants. The teams’ expertise in phytochemistry, plants extraction processes and analytical chemistry allow the production of ingredients of the highest quality. These are then formulated depending on applications with the team’s experience in colour chemistry, formulation design and performance evaluation. All the efforts are directed towards more sustainable practices, and working in cooperation with other businesses sharing values for sustainability.


Prof Mohammad Mahbubul Hassan

R&D Academic Mentor


Mohammad Mahbubul Hassan is a material scientist with 24 years of academic and industrial research experience in sustainable textile and polymeric materials development. He completed his PhD in Textile Chemistry in 1999 at the University of Manchester under a British Commonwealth scholarship. Previously, he worked as a senior scientist in the Bioproduct and Fibre Technology Team of the New Zealand Pastoral Agricultural Research Institute for 18 years and as a lecturer at Yamagata University for two years. His expertise is in the following areas:

  • Sustainable textiles and biodegradable polymeric materials
  • Eco-friendly multi-functional textiles
  • Smart, healthcare and cosmetotextiles