The Company

AWAYTOMARS is an innovative collaboration platform to crowdsource creativity, that helps designers introduce their work to the world and lets them hear what the world has to say.

R&D Focus

We are working with the Digital Anthropology Lab at London College of Fashion (UAL) to explore new technologies to enhance the experience and brand value delivered by ATM’s co-creation platform to its growing global community of over 15,000 members.

The project launched in May 2020.



black and white portrait of Shama Rahman

Dr Shama Rahman

R&D Project Lead


Shama is a scientist, artist, creative technologist and inter-disciplinarian practitioner.  She has an interdisciplinary PhD researching the ‘Complex Neuroscientific Systems of Creative Cognition’, investigating emergent neural patterns with statistical physics, experimental psychophysics and design, cognitive neuroscience, and neurophilosophy. She is the Artistic Director/Founder of award-winning art/science creative production company Jugular Productions – ‘Joining The Head and The Heart’ – with a vision to showcase and develop rich interactions between cutting-edge science and newly commissioned creative live experiences such as cross-disciplinary salons, immersive performances, interactive installations, and educational workshops. She is the CEO/Founder of NeuroCreate, Top 100 UK ‘Ones to Watch’ Creative-Tech companies. They are developing the FlowCreate™ Innovator, an AI-powered creative collaborator. The Innovator sparks human creativity by inspiring, expanding and analysing ideas for creative professionals.

black and white portrait of Alfredo Orobio

Alfredo Orobio

R&D Company Lead

Awaytomars Ltd

Alfredo is one of the leading names in co-creation. He has studied and tested the benefits of co-creation in the creative industries with his own brand AWAYTOMARS, a collaborative network for design talent with the objectives of promoting co-creation, advancing creativity and striving for a more inclusive fashion industry. Since its launch in 2015, AWAYTOMARS has been highlighted within the industry for its innovative uses of technology. It now comprises more than fifteen thousand registered designers from 90 countries, making it the biggest fashion collective in the world.

Alfredo holds a degree in International Relations and Economics and has also studied luxury and fashion brand management. During the last 12 years he worked in management, marketing, communications, innovation and digital intelligence, also working as a consultant for major companies and brands such as Bentley, Burberry, Coach, Tory Burch, Latam Airlines, Accor, Estée Lauder, GM, Lexus, Honda, Volkswagen, Whirlpool, Swarovski, Pandora, Embraer, Diageo, Pernod-Ricard, Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson and Coca Cola.

Black and white portrait of Lynne Murray

Lynne Murray

R&D Academic Mentor


As an entrepreneur, designer and scholar, Lynne has founded multiple organisations and lead impact across private, public and charity sectors. Dynamic, open to possibilities, comfortable with change and the process of innovation, Lynne has pioneered award winning outputs for retail, luxury, design and technology sectors specialising in augmented reality, fashion, jewellery and digital anthropology.

 Key competencies:

  • Design, culture and material leadership across digital
  • Expertise in building new applications for emerging technologies
  • Cultivating connections