The Company

Nurvv is developing a wearable sensing technology that enables monitoring physical gait and body health with sports, ageing, and healthcare applications.

R&D Focus:

Nurvv’s patented sensor-driven data collectors can measure pronation, calories and force from the foot. The collected data has infinite uses for general fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation through to general medical well-being.

We aim to develop the next generation of Nurvv’s patented technology and work with commercial partners to develop prototypes to increase the sustainability of the product.

The project will launch in autumn 2021.

  • UAL: University of the Arts London
  • Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)
  • School of Engineering and Materials Science, QMUL


Black and white portrait of Emiliano Bertolli

Dr Emiliano Bilotti

R&D Academic Mentor

Queen Mary University of London

Emiliano Bilotti’s research focuses on the Processing-Structure-Property relationship in polymer nanocomposites and, more recently, on smart polymers (sensing, self-regulating flexible heaters) and polymers for energy (organic thermoelectrics, ferroelectric/relaxor polymers).

EB is author/co-author of over 80 peer-reviewed papers (h-index of 28), 4 book chapters and 5 patents. EB’s research has been supported by a variety of agencies, including the European Council (EC), Innovate UK and the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) or received direct support from industry. He is passionate about STEM Outreach and Knowledge Transfer (Winner of the KTP Engineering Excellence Award 2019).

Core skills and competences include:

  • Polymer Processing; Polymer nanocomposites; Smart Polymer Materials; Polymer for Energy.

Dr Arnaud Kernin

R&D Project Lead

Queen Mary University of London

Arnaud obtained his BSc in Physics and his MSc in Materials Science at the University of South Brittany, France. During his degrees, he completed several research placements at Imperial College London, New York University (NYU) and Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL). He worked as a research assistant on graphene-based composite materials at QMUL for a year. Then, he started his PhD at QMUL on 3D shape programmable multifunctional nanocomposites inspired by origami/kirigami. In November 2021, he started a postdoc with the BFTT project to develop more sustainable, circular and intelligent wearables for the fashion and textile industry.


Dr Sara Naderizadeh

R&D Project Lead

Queen Mary University of London

Sara is a Chemist with broad experience in Polymers and Materials Science. Now, She is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Queen Mary University of London. Before, she was a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, and she worked on Controlling the Thickness of the Polymer Films via Dip Coating Method. She holds a PhD in Bionanotechnology from the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genova, Italy, Focusing on the Fabrication of Sustainable Polymer Coatings for various Applications. Before She completed her Master in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Tehran, Iran. She graduated with her Bachelor in Chemistry. After her Master, She worked in 2 Different Companies as an R&D Researcher and Laboratory Chemist. Core skills and competencies include:

  • Research and Development
  • Formulating and Fabrication
  • Structure-Property Characterizations

Dr Giovanni Santagiuliana

R&D Project Lead

Queen Mary University of London

Giovanni received his BSc and MSc in Materials Science from the University of Padova, Italy. He worked as a composite materials R&D specialist in the industry for two years before obtaining his PhD from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) on graphene‐based polymer nanocomposites. In 2018, he became the Polymer Research Manager for Nanoforce Technology Ltd., a QMUL subsidiary focused on technology transfer to the industry. In November 2021, he started a part-time postdoc with the BFTT project to develop more sustainable, circular and intelligent wearables for the fashion and textile industry.