The Company

Segura is a cloud-based suite of ordering and compliance products, enabling fashion retailers to trace all the components of their products, improve manufacturing sustainability standards and remove unethical practices such as modern slavery.

R&D Focus

We will work with the Centre for Circular Design at Chelsea College of Arts (UAL) to determine the sustainability criteria, data and processes that will be required to develop a Sustainable Supplier Marketplace (SSM) to encourage transparency in the supply chain.

The project has launched in June 2020.



black and white portrait of Kate Wakeling

Kate Wakeling

R&D Project Lead


Kate has extensive experience working with fashion retailers, brands and factories; establishing ethical trade and sustainability programmes as well as designing and implementing broader sustainability strategies to include all facets of business operations. She has also developed a viable circular business model, implemented Modern Slavery Act policy and established factory improvement programmes. In 2011 Kate completed her masters in Fashion Futures at LCF, her final project investigated the viability of Fair Trade within the fashion system. Her early experiences in the industry activated her determination to help bring about the systemic change needed to create a just and sustainable fashion industry.

Black and white portrait of Peter Needle

Peter Needle

R&D Company Lead

Segura Solutions Ltd

Peter worked at HSBC in an array of senior positions over almost two decades, followed by a period as a management consultant. The idea behind Segura was developed while working as a consultant for a global packaging business, where the problem of visibility in supply chains became increasingly apparent. Segura was born in 2012 and now helps a varied portfolio of brands and retailers monitor and improve their global supply chains, making them more ethical, sustainable and profitable.

Black and white portrait of Laura Houghton

Laura Houghton

R&D Company Lead

Segura Solutions Ltd

Laura has over 15 years of experience in the Software industry covering areas such as Sales, Finance, HR, CRM, SCRM, SCMS, WMS. Before Segura, Laura gained a wealth of experience delivering, designing and utilising solutions for manufacturing, supply chain management and fulfilment. Laura’s passion, experience and knowledge with technological solution design and deployment made her an ideal fit for Segura 5 years ago. Since then Laura has worked to further refine Segura’s supply chain software, which makes transparency, ethical and sustainable practices possible within global supply chains. At Segura, Laura is responsible for all aspects of project management, customer success and marketing; managing, creating and delivering the strategic development for Segura, globally. Laura has successfully captured, designed and delivered software solutions for large, globally recognised organisations and has a passion for innovation.

Black and white portrait of Kate Goldsworthy

Dr Kate Goldsworthy

R&D Academic Mentor


Kate is Co-Director of the Centre for Circular Design at UAL, a world-leading research centre using practice research to innovate, steer and support circular economies and communities around the globe. Kate’s design research operates at the intersection of materials science with design and sustainability principles. As industry and Governments raise the priority of sustainable business, Kate has undertaken a range of industrial consultancy projects for fashion and textiles organisations including Worn Again Technologies Ltd, Filippa K, VF Corporation and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Core skills and competences include:

  • Laser finishing for fashion and textiles
  • Circular economy and circular design research
  • Sustainable business consultancy in the fashion sector