Research Centres

BFTT works in close collaboration with specialist research centres in sustainable fashion and circular design, materials science and textiles manufacturing, which are based at our research partners.

A woman hand is shown cutting into a printed black, white and red fabric using scissors

Centre for Sustainable Fashion

UAL | London College of Fashion
Trash 2 Cash, Dutch Design Week (2018). UAL Centre for Circular Design

Centre for Circular Design

UAL | Chelsea College of Arts
A yellow fruit is cut in half and contents are bring explored by a worker

Division of Materials Engineering

Queen Mary University of London
A male worker is looking at a stack of newly woven fabric in possibly a mill, the fabric is draped from the ceiling

Centre for Industrial Sustainability

University of Cambridge
Three dummies are covered in garment bags hung onto the rail and tied in the middle with a string

Centre for Fashion Business and Innovation Research

UAL | London College of Fashion
UAL Digital Anthropology Lab

Digital Anthropology Lab

UAL | London College of Fashion
A woven fabric is being explored by reseasrchers using technology such as arduino devices and conductors

Textile Futures Research Community

UAL | Central Saint Martins
A collection of three textile pieces shown in a gallery space hung off the ceiling

Textile Design Research Group

Loughborough University
A picture is shown with fine details of repeated patterns which almost look like pheasant's feathers interwoven into each other in shades of brown colour

Department of Anthropology

University College London

The V&A Research Institute (VARI)

The Victoria & Albert Museum