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The Company

Doppelhaus develops sustainable, nonwoven materials for a more circular fashion industry. Their first material ‘Cloudwool’ uses undervalued British wool and bonds it using a novel nonwoven process, resulting in a lighter, more flexible felt fabric suitable for use in apparel.

R&D Focus

We will be working with the London College of Fashion (UAL) to develop a sustainable nonwoven textile at an accessible price point and with strong aesthetic and functional appeal that could have a positive environmental impact by serving the mass market.

The project will launch in Spring 2020.



Martin Brambley

R&D Company Lead

Doppelhaus Ltd

Martin Brambley is the co-founder of Doppelhaus Ltd. Martin studied at London College of Fashion, and was a finalist in the Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion in 2015. He went on to work as a researcher for The Sustainable Angle, where he consulted major brands such as Calvin Klein. It was while working there he realised that emerging sustainable materials could not yet meet the needs of mass market fashion. Martin now heads up sales and marketing at Doppelhaus, and together with business partner Yolanda Leask, is excited to work on developing a novel, sustainable material designed for mass market fashion that can be manufactured in the UK during their BFTT R&D project.


Yolanda Leask

R&D Company Lead

Doppelhaus Ltd

Yolanda Leask is the co-founder and head of R&D at Doppelhaus Ltd. She and co-founder Martin Brambley have developed Cloudwool®, a new kind of ecological nonwoven material made from pure British wool. Their aim during BFTT is to develop a second sustainable nonwoven material aimed at mass market fashion that can be manufactured using a fully UK supply chain.


Dr Veronika Kapsali

R&D Academic Mentor


Veronika is a Reader in Material Technology and Design at LCF where she is developing novel biomimetic approaches to design and innovation of Active Material Systems within the textile industry that intersect biology, material engineering and textile design. Veronika is an LCF graduate who was awarded a PhD scholarship to study engineering design at Bath University. Her practice intersects academic and manufacturing sectors both within her role as Reader and as co-director of MMT Textiles Limited and inventor of INOTEK TM (an award winning biomimetic textile platform that draws on ambient moisture to trigger reversible mechanical changes in the fabric structure, typically for advanced moisture and insulation management). Veronika is also a bestselling author in industrial design and consults extensively with private and public organisations in material science, textile technology, functional apparel and fashiontech. 


Project Updates