23 October 2020

Research Circles – Book Launch by the Centre for Circular Design

On 21 October 2020, the Centre for Circular Design (CCD) held an online panel discussion to launch the book Research Circles, chaired by journalist, author and lecturer Tamsin Blanchard.

The book includes contributions by Dr Kate Goldsworthy, Co-founder and Co-director of CCD and Deputy Director of Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology (BFTT) and Rebecca Early, also Co-founder and Co-director of the CCD.

Kate outlined how themes of recycling and material revolution, tracking and tracing of materials for transparency, waste streams to become material resources and design for multiple cycle use are fast-emerging for a sustainable and circular economy. 

“The need to find ways to work with different stakeholders from outside the design is essential for a truly systemic view.” Kate Goldsworthy, Research Circles, 2020

Research Circles is a collection of essays and interviews by research associates and knowledge exchange collaborators including Elin Larsson, Jen Ballie, Meredith More, Becca Clark, Cyndi Rhoades and Jane Wilting.

You can download the book here.