19 April 2023

Six small business partnerships in sustainable fashion, textiles and technology

In partnership with British Council, the UAL Fashion, Textiles and Technology Institute (FTTI) announced six winners of the second round of New Landscapes: FTTCatalyst R&D Grant Scheme.

Spanning the UK, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Philippines, and Malaysia, the six UK Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and their overseas partners will work with UAL FTTI and the British Council on the ongoing delivery of sustainable fashion, textiles and technology R&D concepts. The R&D process will occur over five months, from April to August 2023. These are:

  • Zoe Powell, London + Bertram Flesch, Indonesia (follow-on funding, SukkhaCitta)
  • Gabrielle Shiner-Hill, London + Nusrat Mahmud, Bangladesh (follow-on funding, Bureau 555)
  • Repair Cafe, Wales + Iro Iro, India + Circular Design India, India (first award)
  • Iyabo Ademosu, London + Chioma Ogbudimkpa, Nigeria (first award)
  • Piarve Wetshi, London + Maria Ferida San Gabriel, Philipines (first award)
  • Caroline Hyde-Brown, Norwich + Ummi Junid, Malaysia (first award)

“We are delighted to be supporting this R&D programme again, building on the success of the initial pilot programme in 2022 and launching four new partnership awards and two follow-on funding awards. The net of international collaboration has been geographically cast wider in this new call and will continue to address the wider industry’s relationship with climate change. Our approach enables a supported risk-taking R&D culture, and an exchange of knowledge and methods of designing and producing in a more sustainable and socially engaged way.”

Professor Jane Harris, Director of the UAL FTTI and Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology

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