16 December 2020

AWAYTOMARS | Artificial Intelligence and Co-Creation

Dr Shama Rahman, R&D Project Lead at University of the Arts London, and Alfredo Orobio, CEO, present the most recent updates from AWAYTOMARS.

AWAYTOMARS is a pioneering fashion technology company that aims to democratise fashion design through collaboration via a novel digital gaming platform.

Supported by the Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology, AWAYTOMARS is developing a co-creation game that will inform future fashion design methods, powered by generative visual AI.

The co-creation game will enable designers to create with each other and AI. Resulting design work will inform both AWAYTOMARS own in-house collections for limited edition retail online, and generate collaborations with fashion brands and designers globally.

This video was originally produced for the BEYOND 2020 Conference.