23 September 2020

The CEO Agenda 2020: Spotlight Biodiversity

In the face of an uncertain world, priorities are ever-evolving for consumers, brands and investors. On this background, the fashion industry can act as an inspirational forerunner for investment in long-term social and environmental sustainability, beyond short-term financial incentives.

The CEO Agenda 2020 highlights eight sustainable priorities, which could help the fashion industry to reassess their business models and build a long-lasting relationship with nature.

Core priorities for immediate implementation

  1. Supply chain traceability
  2. Reversing climate change
  3. Efficient use of water, energy and chemicals
  4. Respectful and secure work environments

Transformational priorities for fundamental change 

  1. Sustainable material mix
  2. Circular fashion system
  3. Promotion of better wage system
  4. Fourth industrial revolution

The systemic change in a world that is becoming increasingly complex, addressing challenges such as sustainability and inequality, will require a powerful combination of design and systems to shift a mindset that could design products and experiences.

You can read the full report here.