30 May 2022

New Survey on Covid-19, Brexit and Climate Change

BFTT and Future Fashion Factory are launching a joint survey targeting micro and small enterprises in the UK.

Take part in the survey here (max 15 minutes).

The aim of the survey is to find out the present state of affair and the attitudes towards the future of UK companies, entrepreneurs and professionals in the fashion, textiles and technology sectors.

This is against the current political, social and economic background, which is characterized by the impact of COVID-19 and Brexit, and by the climate emergency.

The new survey will be supplemented by case studies on a selected number of businesses, particularly around themes of co-design, supply chain transparency, circularity and on demand production. The research will be published in the form of a 40-page report towards the end of 2022.

This work is a follow up on the successful first survey run by BFTT over 2020-21, which culminated in the publication of a report, which is freely accessible online.